Client Education: The Legal Marketing Message of the New Era

Today's legal marketing landscape has gone through more changes in the past decade than perhaps ever before in the history of the legal profession. Armed with the limitless resources of the internet, today's clients seek education on a problem that they face. They have the power to investigate backgrounds and easily access thousands of capable lawyers to assist them. Sending a legal marketing message that educates and builds trust - rather than sells a service - is the new key to success.


  • Interest - With so many available sources of information, lawyer marketing must stand out and attract clients. To do so, the lawyer must be in tune with what the client is looking for. Today's clients often search the internet and other sources seeking information pertaining to their particular problem. Therefore, the legal marketing strategy must attract the client to the lawyer's website and interest them enough to stay by providing superior educational materials in an easy to navigate format.


  • Inform - The most important attorney marketing message that today's lawyer can send is to educate. The educational message is unlike the traditional legal sales model. Today's client seeks out an attorney when they need an answer to a question. Once the client's interest has been peaked, the law firm must provide quality, easy to understand, and valuable information to build trust with the client. The legal marketing strategy must not only answer that question, but anticipate and encourage follow up questions as well.


  • Inspire - After the client's interest has been captured and his question answered, he must be inspired to interact with the lawyer. Quality educational materials are question provoking. Beyond that, the law firm's internet materials must encourage interaction. Once the client has interacted with the law firm, the lawyer must keep him on their client list and repeatedly follow up with additional educational materials. Over time, trust forms, and the client may be inspired to hire the attorney.


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