Staying Positive When Others Aren’t (Part One)

Don't Panic! Lawyers can still make money in this market.These last few years have seen some pretty hard-hitting events impact our nation. The one common thing through all of these events is that there will always be those who make it seem like the end of the world is coming. The people who run around with arms flailing, heads dropping to their desks, lamenting that life is miserable - are they doing anything productive? No; they are the kind of people we want to avoid as they're the lawyers that can't see opportunity when it presents itself. They are the ones stuck in their old legal marketing ways and unable to break into the successful lawyer-entrepreneur mindset.

As They Panic, You Profit

I'll give you a good example of how so-called "disaster" can inspire success for the right-minded lawyer-entrepreneur. To do this, you have to look at another industry for a moment: the small retail business owner. We've all heard stories about the little mom ‘n' pop shops being put out of business when a corporate giant like Walmart moves into town. The media loves these sob stories, so that's all you hear about - the death of Main Street.

What you don't hear about are the little entrepreneurs that thrive, even in the shadow of the new mega-mart. They promote their business by appealing to the local pride of the town. Sure, they may not be able to sell their stuff as cheaply or have as big of an inventory as their corporate competition, but they're the store that's been in town forever. Their marketing message is centered on town loyalty and the importance of supporting local businesses. Guess what? It works!

Marketing In Good Times and Bad

So how to apply this to legal marketing? You probably don't have a huge corporate competitor, but I know you have some competition in your area. Look at the other lawyers around, see what they're doing. Are they worrying themselves over new tort reform or the lack of cases coming their way? Better yet, look at what your clients are worried about.

One of the hottest "worry topics" lately has been the economy and unemployment. The average lawyer will blame their lack of cases on these factors claiming "no one has the money to hire a lawyer anymore!" The lawyer-entrepreneur won't use those negative matters to make excuses. Instead, they'll find a way to use them in their legal marketing.

If you think that a lack in new cases is caused by people thinking lawyers are too expensive, use that as your legal marketing angle; "The price of gas may be rising, but our fees aren't!" If you can even make your legal marketing message a bit light-hearted in the face of all the negative news out there, you can be the breath of fresh air your local market is looking for.

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