Could the Wrong Legal Marketing Seminars Do You Harm?

Many well-meaning attorneys fail when they attempt to market their law firms. Many of these lawyers, perhaps yourself included, did research before developing an ad or website. You thought you knew what you were doing. However, in the competitive legal market, you need a comprehensive legal marketing plan that is innovative and dynamic in order to be successful. One way to learn how to create the right type of marketing plan for your law firm is to attend the right legal marketing seminars and to avoid the wrong ones!

Why it is Important to Attend the Right Legal Marketing Conferences

If you’ve already tried your hand at attorney marketing, then you know that it is not as easy as it looks. There is a lot of strategy behind every word. A good lawyer marketing conference will teach you how to:
  • Create exciting content that lures the reader in.
  • Stand out from your competition while abiding by state ethical rules.
  • Think outside the box and change your practice.

Many law firm marketing seminars do not teach these things. Instead, they teach you about the Bar’s ethical rules (which you already know) and a bit of basic internet marketing strategy (which you can easily found out). In other words, many law firm marketing conferences have just taught you how to create the same law firm website or marketing plan that every other attorney in your area already has, which is unlikely to be successful and may actually cause you harm.

How to Find the Right Legal Marketing Seminars

The right legal marketing conferences can be hard to find. Our Great Legal Marketing Conferences are designed to help you ethically, innovatively, and successfully change your marketing plan so that you can change your practice. If you would like to talk to one of our legal marketing consultants or find out more about your small law firm marketing seminars the please call us at 703.591.9829.
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