‘Tis The Season…for Law Firm Marketing

It's November, and it's time to plan for the Holidays. Do you decorate the office? Send a newsletter with a holiday theme? Or, send a card to everyone on your mailing list?

You may be thinking of sending out pre-printed holiday cards to your mailing list as an easy and inexpensive way to spread Holiday cheer and add some follow-up to your law firm marketing plan. But, is this a good idea?

How many pre-printed cards do you get every December? When you get a pre-printed card, what happens to it? Does it make you feel special or like another name on a list?

Chances are that you can't really remember how many cards you got (quite a few) and that you can't remember who they came from (umm... the drycleaner?). The truth is, pre-printed cards send the any or all of the following messages:

  • I'm too busy to send a personal card.
  • You aren't important enough to rate a personal card.
  • The relationship we have isn't important enough for a personal card.
  • My secretary sent a card to everyone on my contact list.
  • We ordered cards and needed to send them to someone.

What if the pre-printed card had a personal note? What if the dry cleaner wrote, "Chris, Happy Holidays! Don't forget we have your Santa Suit, and it is ready for pick-up"? You would be surprised. People don't expect to be remembered, so when it happens, it is special.

Take a few minutes to personally write on and sign your cards. Just a sentence or two can make your card stand out.

  • "Dear Mrs. Smith, I hope you are feeling better. May the New Year bring both health and happiness."
  • "Dear Mr. Jones, Merry Christmas. When you have a chance, give me a call and let me know how you are doing?"
  • "Dear Mrs. Brown, Season's greetings! I can't wait to see pictures of the new grandchild."

Take the time to show you care. That's real Holiday marketing!

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.