Legal Marketing Strategy to Target Client Needs (Part B)

Grab Their Attention and Don't Let Go With Your Marketing Strategy

When your clients are looking for a solution to their legal concerns, you need to make your focus to be on their needs. Clients are much more receptive to information and offers when they're targeted directly to them. When your marketing strategy speaks TO them rather than AT them, they feel like you're really concerned about them and them alone.

Grabbing your clients' attention is really quite simple. All you have to do is say exactly what they're thinking. 

"How am I going to get through this divorce with the least amount of stress and loss?"

"Who is going to pay for my medical bills after I was injured at work?"

"How do I get my car repaired after I was rear-ended?"

But don't be wimpy about using this client concern strategy. It's cheap to grab attention with a valid client concern and then never really address the situation. Don't just say "contact me, I'm an attorney" - actually GIVE them a bit of advice. While you can't give a complete, legal answer to any of their questions, you can help them with a bit more information and then gently nudge them into contacting you for professional legal help.

Know What They Want, Then Give It to Them in Your Marketing Strategy 

You're not going to be giving your clients the answer to all their legal concerns or else you'd be out of a job. Plus, it's pretty much against the law to give legal advice like that over the Internet (it's fairly easy these days to impersonate just about anyone online, even lawyers). So what can you do? Give them a general answer to their legal concerns, then advise them to contact you for more.

Your eBooks can do wonders here, offering a general consumer guide to legal concerns without giving away all your secrets. Anyone can write a book and quote statutes but it takes a lawyer to really analyze your case and assist you in filing a claim, bringing a lawsuit, etc. Your marketing strategy needs to convey that you're interested in your clients' legal concerns, are willing to give them some general advice, but they really need to talk to you one-on-one to get good legal help.

Getting the Most Out of Your Legal Marketing Strategy

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