It's All about the Experience

Gamble of Proctor & Gamble once said, "Any fool can make soap. It takes a genius to sell it." This can be said of many goods on the market today, and those advertisers have picked up on this fact. Your business of law and legal marketing can benefit from lessons learned from the consumer goods industry, too.

Expanding our thinking here, take a look at the advertisements you see on TV today. Many commercials for goods and products don't just say "buy our laundry detergent" and leave it at that. The commercials show an experience that the actors have while using said laundry detergent. Usually full of fluffy sheets, smiling children, and tail-wagging puppies, these commercials show the experience you may have when you use that laundry detergent.

Messages like this are much more appealing because they're not just telling you to buy a product or service, they're showing you how you'll feel when you do so. Your business of law can legal market itself the same way, and you don't need to borrow any puppies to do it.

Building the Client Experience

Most clients are coming to an attorney because they're in some sort of emotional state. Whether divorce, personal injury, financial problems, or criminal charges, it's a fact that most legal issues are not pleasant ones.  In your legal marketing you can help alleviate some of these bad emotions by showing your clients the experience they have with your law firm is going to help their case and their lives.

In the business of law, you need to appeal to your clients as if your firm is interested in them and only them. Your legal marketing should make your potential client feel as if the message was tailored specifically to their case and needs. Putting a client at ease by showing them that you'll be there to help them through their legal difficulties is one of the best selling points you can have in the business of law.

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