Wait, Don’t Go! Getting Your Client’s Contact Info Without Losing Your Dignity

How to build trust while you grow your list.One of the key ways of getting more clients for your law practice is to convert website readers into contacts. This hinges on getting them to contact you, but that goes way beyond simply putting your phone number at the bottom of the page.

Every page of your law firm website should have two things: powerful, informative content, and a unique way for your customers to get in touch. That doesn't mean that each page should have a flashing ad in the sidebar telling them to CALL NOW. There are many different ways to appeal subtly to the client while building a bedrock of trust:

  • Content geared toward each client. A range of articles across your practice areas will not only appeal to potential customers, it’s also search engine-friendly. A catchy title, such as "How NOT to Ruin Your Car Accident Case," is much more likely to get a response than a generic promise, like “Our Attorneys Put You First.”
  • Newsletters. E-newsletters are fine and dandy, but most people don’t want extra emails cluttering their inbox, and even fewer want to read about what’s happening to other clients. Offering a mailed monthly newsletter will get you a mailing address so you can send your client packages and "shock and awe" boxes. These make a greater impression than a simple email.
  • Addressing potential concerns. Would you give any Tom, Dick, or Harry your email address? Of course not. People want to know that their information will be safe with you, so a simple “we respect your privacy” notice beneath the dialog box can make the difference between signing up or clicking away.

Of course, there are many more ways to kick your business into high gear. Check out our articles on how web marketing can improve your law firm, how to use social media to promote your legal practice, or get a copy of our newest book, Renegade Lawyer Marketing.

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