Here's a secret truth about marketing your law firm...

There really aren't any truly terrible strategies out there (there are scams being sold, yes, but most of the standard strategies like newspaper advertising and search engine optimization are perfectly valid). We still see attorneys advertsing in the Yellow Pages and getting a great return from it. The mistakes come from not understanding some of the fundamentals of marketing and how marketing actually functions in your law firm.

  1. Not knowing enough about what you're paying for - You should never hire a vendor to help with your marketing without having a basic understanding of the marketing strategy they will work on for your firm. For example, you should never hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team to help you get more clients through your website without having researched for yourself the SEO trends and Google's latest algorithm updates. Otherwise, you are at risk for being "taken for a ride" by a potential scam artist.
  2. Underestimating the difficulty of the task - The truth is that marketing, at least the good and effective kind, can be difficult. In order to build a complete marketing system, it will require time and hard work. However, this investment of your time and effort will pay dividends in the long run if you build a strong foundation for your marketing efforts to come.
  3. Trying to find a "purple pill" - You can also call this "shiny object syndrome." When someone is waving what looks like a magic wand and tells you that this one strategy is going to solve all your problems, they are trouble. There is no one magical marketing idea out there that can end all your troubles. You should never want to be tied to just one lead source anyway since that means if it goes away, your revenue dries up with it. Great marketing for your law firm is built upon finding a few select strategies and tactics that are the most effective for your practice.
  4. Not building systems to put marketing on "autopilot" - In order to accelerate your growth, you want to make sure that when you put a marketing strategy into play, you also figure out how to automate its function. This may mean using a software such as Infusionsoft to develop and automate those processes, or you may just start with something simple like a spreadsheet. You want to make sure that the steps in your marketing are done automatically without any additional thought. Don't leave your law firm marketing up to chance - schedule it out.Law firm marketing errors
  5. Lack of tracking your marketing to determine your Return on Investment (ROI) - All the marketing you do for your law firm should be tracked. You can do this with unique URLs, systems like Infusionsoft, and tracking phone numbers. You must know your numbers in order to make smart marketing choices in the future. Without tracking, your marketing is only guesswork. The number one reason that law firms don't track their marketing is because they are worried about their "brand" and using different phone numbers - we are more concerned with getting the most bang for our buck. We know that this is just an excuse for being lazy (and it "protects" you from negative results, because you'll never be able to figure out the failures).

If you are making these mistakes, there's good news. Every single one of them can be corrected. You can start tracking your marketing today. You can educate yourself more on marketing so you aren't taken advantage of by what we call "Marketing Vultures" out there to essentially steal your dollars. You can start creating systems and putting them on autopilot.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.