Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing: Monitoring Communications

Marketing for personal injury law firms is essential to the increasing growth of the firm. Unfortunately, if the firm is not monitoring the communications between potential clients and law firm staff, the resources spent on attorney marketing strategies may be wasted. Instead, law firms should use training tools that inspect what the attorney expects potential clients to receive when they contact the firm. The goal of the law firm should be to give potential clients a “wow” experience. If employees are not providing this experience, the lawyer has no way of knowing without using these types of monitoring tools.

By way of example, Walt Disney World utilizes kiosks and stands called “listening posts” that listen in to customers as they experience the theme parks. These listening tools serve to keep the company constantly apprised of the overall satisfaction of its customers. Similarly, law firms can utilize training tools that monitor the communication between potential clients and employees.
Through communication monitoring, employees can be taught that there is no distinction between customer service and sales. Selling, customer service, and communication with clients all work together to earn new business and build relationships. All client interaction is a sales communication, from the initial conversation with the receptionist to consultations with attorneys.

Since it is both impossible and ineffective for the attorney to be present at all times, monitoring systems are a useful legal marketing tool to ensure that potential clients are receiving a “wow” experience. These tools help improve the growth of a law firm by giving the opportunity to:

  • Train the legal team
  • Recognize hard work
  • Identify the employees who truly shine
  • Identify the employees who need more training
  • Identify problem areas with the law firm’s approach to communication with potential clients
  • Become more profitable by converting more potential clients into existing clients

Clearly, monitoring the communications of law firm staff with potential clients is important for improvingpersonal injury law firm marketing. To learn more, contact theexperts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.
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