Happy Holidays: Use The Holidays As An Opportunity To Build a Community Presence

We've spoken before about the importance of a community presence in order to counteract the negative stereotypes that many people have of lawyers. The holiday season offers many opportunities for you and your law firm to make a difference in your community, build trust, and enhance your law firm's reputation.

You probably became a lawyer because you wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives. Giving back to the community allows your law firm to make the world a better place while improving your reputation.

There are many ways your law firm can help bring the holiday spirit to those in need. Donate to a food drive, collect warm coats for the homeless, or sponsor a toy drive for children in need. If you can't give money, give time. During the holidays, many charities need extra hands as regular staff and volunteers take a vacation. How do you get started?

Choose a charity. If possible, make it a charity that is meaningful to you. Research the charity to make sure that they are reputable and help those in need. Then, contact the charity and ask what kind of help they need during the holiday season. Use your newsletter and blog to promote the charity and document your firm's efforts to help. You can even ask others to join you in making a difference. Ask readers of your newsletter to bring an unopened toy or a can of food for your donation drive or to pledge an hour of their time.

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