Building A Successful Legal Website: The Importance Of A Follow-up Campaign

There is more to law firm marketing than a nice website. It takes more than a sleek web page to bring clients to your door. The secret to converting website visitors into actual clients is follow-up.

When a visitor clicks on your legal website, what happens? Do they stay and browse for information, or do they quickly move on to the next site on their list?

In general, people who visit a law firm website for the first time aren't ready to commit to hiring a lawyer. They have just been injured and are wondering what will happen next; they are wondering if they can afford to get divorced; they are considering estate planning - one day. It will be several months or even a year before they are ready to actually speak to a lawyer.

Your goal is to keep the visitor on your site and get them to provide contact information, so you can follow up. You want to make sure that your law firm is the one they think of when they are finally ready to seek legal help. You can do this by making sure that your website provides information that is relevant to the client, even at this point. Offer a book that answers their initial questions. Once they've made the contact, follow up.

Most law firms don't follow up. At Ben Glass Law, we contact the client 14 times in the first three weeks after they fill out our contact form. We send them books, flyers, DVDs, and emails; we even make a phone call.

Once those three weeks are over, we continue our legal marketing efforts. We add the potential client to our newsletter list, so they see our name and associate it with relevant information every month.

At Great Legal Marketing, we have created easy-to-use follow-up campaigns that really work. Everything is laid out for you. To learn how you can use our law firm marketing strategies to build your own business, contact Great Legal Marketing at 703-591-7829.

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