Taking Risks with Your Legal Marketing (Part B)

Myth #3: Taking Legal Marketing Risks is Too Difficult/Confusing

You didn't become a lawyer because you were afraid of hard work, did you? We're used to dealing with complicated statues, finding alternate solutions to legal issues, and all sorts of creative problem-solving. Don't let a few marketing risks scare you away from the benefits you could reap from a new legal marketing strategy!

In the new era of Internet marketing it seems as if the legal marketing landscape is ever changing. Every week, we're hearing about some new social media trend or how Bing is bigger than Google, or vice-versa. The truth is, you don't have to try to become an expert on whatever new legal marketing strategy you're working on.

There are plenty of people out there-experts in the social media, search engine, and website marketing fields-that are more than happy to help. While yes, these experts do cost money, they're almost always worth the extra expense once your legal marketing gets going and you're landing those big cases.

You don't even need to consult an expert to get good advice on how to work with a lot of these new legal marketing methods. Chances are, someone in your office is already a Facebook addict, or owns a video camera you can use to make a YouTube video. The Internet itself is your greatest learning tool - there are many forums and blogs that talk about Internet marketing that you may find helpful.

Of course, you're already on a great resource here at Great Legal Marketing, but it doesn't hurt to look around to other resources for general Internet marketing.

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