The Difference between Legal Marketing and Lawyer Advertising (Part B)

Lawyer Advertising and Legal Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Truthfully, you should develop your legal marketing message first. When I say message, I mean the impression that you want your lawyer advertising to leave on your client. What is your niche? What do you want to accomplish through your lawyer advertising? This "what" is your legal marketing message.

Take for example the lawyer who's known as the guy who's always got his two Dalmatians in his promo photos. His practice areas include personal injury, and he focuses on dog attacks. There's his legal marketing message, he wants his clients to know he specializes in dog attacks, and he's familiar with dogs because he has two of his own.

Now he can use that message of experience and knowledge in his practice area, as well as a personal connection, to develop his lawyer advertising. He may decide to use photos of himself and his dogs in his print ads. His personalized pens with his law firm name may be Dalmatian print. He could have dog-shaped business cards (expensive, but definitely a memorable card!).

Develop Both in Tandem

Don't go designing your print ads without a message, and don't go creating messages when you have no idea how you'll send them to your clients. Your legal marketing is like a museum and the lawyer advertising within is the exhibits. The exhibits theme the museum, you see several artifacts from an old pioneer town and know you're in a history museum.

When developing your legal marketing you should also be considering your lawyer advertising methods. Remember that you need to be budget conscious, and also aware of your own abilities. Can you handle the rigors of social media? Do you have the money to pay for a full color ad in the local newspaper? Being ambitious with your legal marketing is great, but don't set yourself up for failure.

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