Learn Discoveries and Strategies That Give A Significant And Competitive Advantage In A Local Marketplace

And Now I'm Willing to Share My Discoveries With You

Initially, I wasn't sure I should share everything with you, but then two things started happening.  First, as Ben Glass (a personal injury attorney) got more popular with his marketing seminars, people began asking him questions.  The bankruptcy lawyers would say, "I'm a bankruptcy lawyer; my business is different.  Will your system (built for PI lawyers) work for me?"  Ben's answer: "Call Jim Brown and ask him."

Then I began to talk about my discoveries and strategies with bankruptcy attorney friends from around the country, and several implored me to teach them what I'd learned. At first I hesitated. You see, my discoveries were giving me a significant competitive advantage in my local marketplace. To me, this newfound knowledge was akin to Coca-Cola's secret recipe. In other words, not something to be shared. And this ain't like legal discovery, where you have to share all your secrets with the other side.

But then I realized something that completely changed my mind...

...Having a coach, a system, a support group of like-minded people and a proven method for actually implementing the best business ideas radically changed the way I work and the results I achieve. 


Working with Ben Glass, mindset coach Rem Jackson, uber attorney Web marketing guru Tom Foster  and other lawyers in Ben's mastermind group and business experts that understood not only what needed to change but the specific steps and methods to make those changes, and to sustain those changes, was powerful.

Now thanks to my massive implementation of some fundamental strategies and tactics in the marketing, management, and planning of my practice, my life and my practice just keep getting better and better.

Once I learned this, I realized that sharing my secrets would not only NOT hurt me, but it would actually HELP me. So, at Ben's request, I carefully packaged all my discoveries from the bankruptcy world into a niche coaching program that I could selectively share with other top GLM members who are bankruptcy lawyers - to our mutual collective benefit.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.