One Is A Dangerous Number In Marketing For Personal Injury Lawyers

Once you find something that works for you in marketing, the temptation may be to stick with it—or at least stick with similar venues. If, in the past, personal injury attorney radio ads brought the lion’s share of new clients through your doors, you might be tempted to plug the majority of your advertising resources into more radio spots.


There’s a truth to this. If radio spots work, you should certainly keep creating radio spots. But there are two questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What if this method stops working?
  • What if another method might work even better?


An ever-changing market

Twenty years ago, it seemed like an ironclad means of getting in quality prospects was running an effective ad in the phone book. Back then, someone looking for information on a prospective personal injury case would start the research process by opening a phone book.


Now, our primary means of gathering information have changed. Many people don’t even keep phone books around. The ironclad means of reaching new clients seems to be search-engine optimization, as the research process often starts at Google.


Taking advantage of newer techniques will be a crucial aspect of your firm’s survival, but remember: Nothing is forever. The market is always changing. Therefore…


One is a dangerous number when it comes to advertising.

The simple fact is that no one specific method of getting your name out there is going to get to everyone who might need your services. Diversification is key.


Your firm might have an excellent, user-friendly website full of persuasive personal injury educational marketing. However, many of your potential clients have never needed the services if an attorney before. Even if they have regular Internet access, they may not have even thought to look for the resource. 


Backing up your website with television spots and print advertisements can help a great deal in resolving this knowledge gap: think of the television spot as the recruiter and your website as the first real connection with your firm.


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