We get asked a lot about creating free reports to use in marketing a law firm. Some folks want to try to tell us that free reports aren't effective anymore (excuse me while I stifle an impolite guffaw). There are even some attorneys seem to think that it seems "not classy" or "not professional." That's just an excuse to not do the work.

Our preference is to simply shine some light on the truth and the data about creating free reports.

(Side Note: BIG tip here is to create a book over time to replace your free report. It doesn't need to be lengthy. 50-60 pages of 14-point font, double-spaced paragraphs is pretty darn easy to achieve, especially if you throw in a few lists and graphics. You start by building the book by developing a 10-page report with essential, interesting information.)

Reports capture additional leads that otherwise would have just left your website and never come back. They give you an opportunity to position yourself as an authoritative expert. And having a report available is different from what you see from other attorneys, immediately giving you a leg up in standing out in any crowded marketplace.

There are, of course, tricks to making your reports better. You'll see how to most effectively use reports, including why they are important and how to create a great guide for potential clients. (Another tip: Change the language from "report" to "guide" when you think about it. Doesn't that immediately change the dynamic of how you write? It becomes more focused on the potential client's needs when it is a guide.)


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