Good Looking, Highly-Rated, and Connected: Your Website Needs to Be All Three

Anyone who has ever achieved a long-term goal knows that the journey must be broken up into smaller goals. Once achieved, the smaller goals work together to make the big one possible—even easy. It’s no different with your legal marketing campaign.

There are many ways to improve legal marketing, but your strategy will not be effective unless it seamlessly takes a prospect from reader to a customer to client. To do this, you need to DOMinate the market:

  • Design. Your website is the face of your business—and just like your own, you want that face to look good. This does not mean simply “presentable,” but attractive. You want your website to turn heads with the first look, and then convince readers that you are earnest, knowledgeable and caring with the second look.
  • Optimization. A gorgeous, search-engine-optimized website is like a Porsche. A beautiful, non-optimized website is a cardboard cut-out of a Porsche. Your website needs beauty and brains to bring in clients, so make sure all of your content is informative and keyword-rich.Make sure your law firm website "has it all."
  • Marketing. Got a stunning, well-tuned website? It’s not going to do you much good if nobody knows it’s there. You’ve got the goods, and you’re easily searchable—now you need to point people in your direction. You’ve got to be savvy enough to use social media sites, video hosting, and even print media to point readers back to the hub of your marketing machine: your website.

Many of the pitfalls of legal marketing are just that: falls. Attorneys may be so focused on the result that they stumble between one step and the next, and that small setback is enough for them to give up on marketing altogether. However, smart attorneys know that even if they fall, they can stand up and get back in the game by evaluating and identifying the problem, putting them ahead of others who failed.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.