Take a quick look at your current caseload. How many of those clients are you looking forward to meeting? How many cases are you excited about arguing in court? If the answer makes you groan, you’re not alone. Many attorneys keep taking little cases from clients who need constant attention—primarily because they don’t know how to change the trend.

If you want to know how to get personal injury clients that you actually want to work with, the answer is simple: don’t keep taking cases that you do not want. After all, it’s your firm. You have the right—and the obligation—to market to your perfect clients. But you must get over the fear of turning cases away to free yourself up to strengthening your business.

Here are the three DON’Ts that can ensure you never take on a problem client again:

  • Don’t believe that you need to represent everyone. When you were in law school, you were told time and time again that your profession was to serve the public. Many attorneys mistakenly believe that this means they have a duty to serve everyone and take every case that comes to the door. You have to understand that it isn’t physically possible for you to serve everyone—and once you do, you are free to choose the clients you do serve.Hand pick your favorite clients.
  • Don’t rely on a generalized marketing plan. The reason your non-ideal clients keep finding you is that you're not selective enough with your marketing. Identify which cases you want, and which people are likely to have them—than put a laser-focus on your marketing to find those clients.
  • Don’t be afraid to let a customer pass you by. Don’t feel bad about rejecting customers—there are lots of other cases out there for you. The customer that’s not right for you may be perfect for one of your competitors (and will slow down his caseload instead of yours). If done correctly, you can refer the potential customer to another firm with no hard feelings, and market to him in the future when he has a case in your ideal area.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.