How to Stop Your Business from Running You: Reject the Plaintiff Law Myths

“Of course I have to give my clients my cell phone number.”

“I don’t want to go to this meeting, but I joined the committee…”

“You have to sign clients as fast as possible, before they change their minds!”

Attorney Ben Glass has heard these tropes time and time again. The next time someone tells you that they’re “married to the office,” consider these three myths about plaintiff practice:

  1. The best way to get your name out there and get cases is to join a whole bunch of committees. The best-case scenario with joining as many committees as possible is that will get both name recognition and case referrals. But what will it cost you? Time (you’re going to have to attend all of these meetings), money (they’re rarely free), and a reputation for taking everyone else's "dog" cases (recognition, yes, but not in a good way).
  2. Reject the "Plaintiff Law Myths."To satisfy and keep clients, you have to make yourself available 24/7. Most attorneys do not think there is a way to keep regular hours without making their clients feel neglected. Being an attorney is a job, just as your clients have jobs. If someone called your client’s cell phone in the middle of the night with a question that could have waited until the morning, how would they react? What would her family say about the demands of her job?
  3. If you don't sign a client today, he will go to the next lawyer on the list tomorrow. People are choosy about their legal services, and they expect a “hard sell” when they visit an attorney. By taking the pressure off them and offering a ton of free information, you establish yourself as different from other lawyers—increasing the chances that the customer will come back to you.
Ben Glass
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