When they're trying to market their services, lawyers face an intrinsic paradox. Following up with dozens (or even hundreds) of potential clients takes time, yet most attorneys are so busy dealing with existing clients—and running back and forth from depositions and courtrooms—that they don't have the time to commit to this process.

What is the answer to this conundrum? Simple: you need to automate your follow-up system.

What Can an Automated Follow-up System Do for You?

“Automation” is an easy answer to give, but what, exactly, does it mean to automate the system you use to cultivate prospective clients? Here's how the process generally goes:

  • Step 1: Contact. A prospective client finds himself in need of a lawyer after a car accident, and for whatever reason, he winds up visiting your website. He takes advantage of your offer for a free publication, “The 10 Mistakes That Can Doom Your Car Accident Lawsuit,” and enters his name, phone number and email address so he can receive this information.
  • Step 2: Confirmation. After the person enters his information, he's directed to a web page that says something like, “Congratulations, your free report is being sent to you via the email address you supplied.” The prospective client opens up the email, reads the report, and is (hopefully) impressed by your perspective on the situation.Why an automated follow-up system is a must have for law firms.
  • Step 3: The Tickler Message. Within a couple of days, your automated system sends the prospective client an email, which says something like “I hope you enjoyed your free report. Did you know that you can settle most car accident claims with the other driver's insurance company?” You also send an email attachment, with more in-depth information and—of course—the name, address and phone number of your law firm.
  • Step 4: Joining the Update Queue. Your automated system continues to follow up with this person every few days or weeks, constantly offering new nuggets of information that can be acted on by the prospective client by calling or emailing your practice. When he's ready to contact you, this person won't hesitate to pick up the phone, since your automated system has been doing such a great follow-up job!

What is the Best Way to Automate Your Client Follow-up System?

There are lots of programs and applications out there that promise to help lawyers and small business owners keep track of prospective clients and follow up with them in a timely fashion. At Great Legal Marketing, we prefer InfusionSoft, a versatile program that is just what your growing practice needs.

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