Super-Power Your Attorney Marketing With Automated Client Response

Don't leave your potential clients waiting, establish follow-up marketing now.Prospects want information and they want it now. The waiting game is poison in advertising—you run the risk of a frustrated prospective client turning to someone else for the information they crave.

Say, for instance, that you’ve written a book. You have written a book, haven’t you? An education-based marketing book, guide, or brochure with information about your practice area is one of the best tools you have for recruiting clients. Therefore, getting that book in a prospect’s line of sight needs to be one of the primary goals of your attorney marketing website. More often than not, once a prospect has read your book he has decided to hire you.

But getting a link about that book on every single page of your website isn’t necessarily enough.

What happens when a prospect fills out the web form requesting a free copy of your book? Do they get a three-line form letter, thanking them for their interest and telling them they’ll be receiving their copy in the post in three to five days? Do you leave them playing the waiting game, then, for those three to five days, keeping your fingers crossed that they don’t turn to someone else?

Or is that book waiting for them in an easy-to-read electronic format in their email account the second they hit “submit?”

It isn’t difficult to establish an automated delivery function for book requests, and in many cases, it’s the sort of low-pressure advertising technique that will demonstrate you are an authority in your practice area without leaving prospects to feel like they are being “sold” to. You can also automatically send an email to touch base with the prospect and give them your contact information at the same time you send the book, and a follow-up email a few days later, so your firm stays fresh in their mind. All of this is done automatically, so you and your team spend less time dealing with the marketing end of your practice.

The prospects who call your office, then, are knowledgeable about crucial aspects of their case as well as what you can offer them. They’re already hoping that you will take their case. That means you won’t have to do the work of convincing them to hire you—and you can get right down to business.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.