Using Legal Marketing Methods to Draw Attention (Part A)

Back in 2007, Hillary Clinton announced she was running for her party's nomination for presidential candidacy. This was barely a shock to anyone - she had been rumored for this action for years. The thing that created the buzz around her announcement was HOW she did it: a video clip on her website.

The message she sent wasn't anything amazing, but the way she did it was what caused the buzz on the news shows, papers and Internet. Political bloggers were speculating all over the place: why did she choose a Web video over a traditional news conference? Was she going after the younger demographic?  

Tailor Your Legal Marketing Methods to Your Client

Whether or not it was a conscious act on Hillary's part to deliver her message the way she did, it definitely had an effect on the reach of her marketing. Where your message appears to potential clients may be more effective at getting them to remember your name than what message your lawyer advertising is delivering.

You need to think about where your potential client is looking. Are they still traditional nightly local TV news watchers? If so, you may want to consider a TV ad spot to capture their attention. If you deal with elder law and estate planning, you're working with an older generation that may still read traditional newspapers. Capturing the younger generations means focusing on blogs, social networking and the Internet.

When developing your legal marketing strategy you should be learning everything you can about your potential clients.
To create this "client profile" you should look at your current and past clients that you enjoyed working with. What kind of cases did they have? How did they hear about you? Where do they look when they have questions or need more information on something?

Don't be afraid of unorthodox lawyer advertising; that's one of the main points I teach in my Great Legal Marketing seminars. Continue reading to see why showing up in unexpected places may help you spread your name.

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