Education-Based Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

Education-based attorney marketing is an extraordinary marketing tool. It works for your firm on multiple levels: not just inspiring that all-crucial first contact from a quality prospect, but also setting a positive tone for your working relationship from the start.

Educating a client about their personal injury case will help:
  • Establish you as an expert on the subject. Giving your prospects unique information about personal injury casework gives you credibility as an authority in the field. Once you’ve earned that credibility, you can talk about what distinguishes you from other attorneys: common mistakes you see other personal injury attorneys making that lose them cases, problems you’ve seen in other practices that a client shouldn’t have to put up with, and other concerns that someone who is a novice to the practice area might not be aware of.

  • Establish you as trustworthy. Let’s face it: the damage done by the mainstream stereotypes about attorneys won’t be helped by another super-slick attorney sales pitch. By conveying useful information to a prospect, you’re not just making them sit through another ad: you’re giving them something they’ll be able to use whether or not they pay to use your services. Though you could look at this is as “giving it up for free,” it’s essential to see it for what it really is: building a relationship. You are using your marketing materials as a bridge between the client’s need and your service. Once clients trust you as an authority on the subject, they aren’t going to want anybody else.

  • Help the client make an informed decision. Most people don’t look for legal counsel until they need it, so they might be going into the process with no idea of what to look for, or how to look for it. Frustration can lead to sloppy decision-making, so breaking down the process of how to find and establish a connection with an attorney in the field will not only earn you a debt of gratitude, but also put your firm as the foremost authority on the subject in a prospect’s mind.

  • Take advantage of the subtle sell. By learning about your practice through educational material, the client can reach her own decision at her own pace. In today’s market, high-pressure sales tactics are a turn off. So instead of making someone feel cornered into an on the spot decision, let your prospect read your book or explore your website library. She won’t even realize that she is doing the marketing for herself.

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