How Legal Marketing Can Make a Potential Client a Paying Client

There are few, if any, clients who wake up in the morning and think, "I'm going to Google a lawyer this morning and immediately hire that attorney to represent me, no questions asked." Even if that client existed, it might not be the kind of client you want to work with.

Before a person invests his time, money and trust in a lawyer, that person must be confident that he or she is choosing the right lawyer. Your legal marketing campaign can help you persuade a prospective client to make that decision.

How to Make a Prospective Client an Active Client

There is no one lawyer marketing technique you can use that will convert every potential client into an actual client. Instead, your complex marketing campaign must move people along in their decision to hire regardless of where their thought processes are at the time they find you.

For example, consider these different potential clients:

  • The client who calls immediately after a problem develops. This person knows he wants to pursue a legal case and is eager to get started.
  • The client who is unsure if a lawyer is necessary. This person may need persuading to even contact you for a consultation and would, all things being equal, prefer not to hire a lawyer.
  • The client who is right up against the statute of limitations. This client may have been trying to represent himself or procrastinated in contacting an attorney and now needs help immediately.

Your goal is to have your law firm marketing materials speak to each one of these clients and help persuade the person to hire you. For more information about how to develop an effective attorney marketing campaign that helps move people along in their decision-making process, we encourage you to read our FREE book, Read What Other Lawyers Who Have Taken Action are Saying About Ben Glass and The Great Legal Marketing Ultimate Personal Injury Practice Building Toolkit (And They Aren't All Personal Injury Lawyers!), and call us directly at 703.591.9829.

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