Knowing your client and using effective search engine optimization are vital aspects of effective law firm marketing. Equally as important, however, is having good copy on the legal website. Strong copywriters understand the importance of connecting with the reader and compelling them to act. Attorney marketing strategies should utilize the same principles followed by good copywriters in order to maximize the effectiveness of the legal website.

When evaluating whether a lawyer website has good copy, the following are questions that the attorney should ask:

  1. Is the website easy to navigate?
  2. Is the website about the client, without the primary focus being about the law firm?
  3. Does the website say quickly and upfront the services that the law firm is offering?
  4. Does the website use too much legalese?
  5. Does the website give the potential client an easy and clear opportunity to respond?
  6. Does the website use multiple calls to action?
  7. Are the search engine optimization keywords incorporated in a natural manner into the copy of the website?
  8. Are the chosen keywords a good fit with the copy of the website?
  9. Does the copy appeal to the emotions of the potential client?
  10. Is the copy creative and distinct from other legal websites that offer the same services?

Paying attention to the above questions while crafting copy for an attorney website will help to ensure that it appeals to potential clients. The more that these potential clients find the web content to be compelling, the higher the likelihood that they will reach out to the law firm for more information.

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