No Time For Law Firm Marketing? Make Your Marketing Count!

If you are a typical attorney, you don't have a lot of time for law firm marketing. Your busy schedule means that every bit of marketing you do needs to count.

Lawyers are in a competitive market. There are plenty of law firms that have big budgets for advertising. They run large yellow page ads, advertise on prime time television, and have flashy websites. How can you compete with that?

The truth is that most advertisements don't get seen. How many advertisements do you see in a day? As Americans, we are inundated with advertising. You pass billboards and neon signs on your way to work; you see ads in magazines, newspapers, television; they may even flash across your computer screen or on your GPS. If you count the logos that are everywhere, you pass thousands of ads each day.

But, how many of these ads do you notice or recall? I'll bet you remember just a few. You probably only notice an ad if it is unique or if it is providing information that is relevant to your life at the moment.

And that's the secret to effective law firm marketing. To be noticed you need to be unique and you need to provide information that is relevant to the client you are seeking.

Charles Hofheimer, a divorce attorney in Virginia, did exactly that. He wrote a book about divorce. He promoted his book to therapists, who handed them out to their clients. To thank the therapists, he created workshops where they could learn about divorce. This legal marketing strategy worked. While the recession was difficult for many divorce attorneys, Mr. Hofheimer's practice grew.

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Ben Glass
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