Good Customer Service is a Valuable Form of Lawyer Marketing You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Your staff is pleasant to you, and you assume that they are pleasant to the clients who call your law firm. However, are you confident that your staff is providing clients with the customer service that they want? Does customer service even matter in the legal industry?

Great Customer Service is a Valuable Form of Lawyer Marketing

Customer service matters just as much in the law firm industry as it does in other industries. Whether you are paid hourly, paid a flat fee, or paid on a contingency fee basis, clients are paying significant amounts of money for your services. You work for them, and they want to feel that they are getting the attention and respect they deserve.

Furthermore, your staff can better your law firm marketing goals by not only being polite but by going above and beyond what is expected. Word of your law firm’s exemplary customer service will be spread at least as fast as word about your legal skill.

Every interaction with you, or a member of your staff, is part of your relationship with an individual client and part of how that client will remember you and speak about you to others.

Since customer service is so important to your attorney marketing efforts, it is important that you know what is going on in your own firm. Whether you decide to use video, audio, web-based surveillance, and/or mystery shoppers to find out what is really going on in your firm, it is critically important that you use the information that you get productively by praising or rewarding staff members who go above and beyond what was expected of them and by providing advice and help for those who fall short.

How to Learn More about Lawyer Marketing Through Customer Service

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