How to Create a Free Book as Part of Your Legal Marketing Campaign

A free book offer for your website visitors might seem like a wonderful legal marketing idea. You may realize the potential benefits and be excited to make this offer. However, even the most excited and enthusiastic lawyer may need some help turning this attorney marketing idea into a reality. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas to do just that.

How to Get Started on Your Book

Once you’ve decided to write a book it is time to get started. We suggest that you:

  • Think of frequently asked questions as a starting point for your book. Think about the questions people most often ask you and how you can answer them in a book.
  • Set aside relatively small amounts of time each day to write. Consider writing for about an hour every day and then stopping. Your content and your ideas will stay fresh. Of course, you can take notes and jot down ideas whenever they occur to you so that you can use them in a later writing session.
  • Write in your own voice. Don’t try to be a law school casebook or write a law review article. Write in your own natural voice so that readers will understand what you write.
  • Don’t worry about length. Just write.
  • Consider working with a company that can help you make the book look professional.

Write a Book and Be Known as a Credible and Knowledgeable Lawyer

The potential dividends you can recover from the initial work you do on your book are limitless. You will impress current and former clients while attracting new clients. To learn more about creating a book for your own law firm marketing campaign, please browse the lawyer marketing resources available on our website including a FREE chapter from my own Great Legal Marketing Book. Additionally, we invite attorneys who are serious about changing the way they market their law firm to call us directly at 703.591.9829 for more information.

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