The Role of Email in a Good Legal Marketing Campaign

Hint: It May Not be What You Expect

Email and electronic media are critically important to the way people communicate. What do you do when you have a question that you need answered? Likely, you head to your computer. Email, social media sites and websites are all important. However, in order to be effective, electronic media must be used correctly as part of a well integrated legal marketing campaign.

Common Email Marketing Mistakes - and How to Avoid Them

Email can be an effective marketing tool if you know how to use it. Below are the three most common mistakes we see and tips for avoiding them in your own lawyer marketing plan:

  • It is all email, all the time. The biggest mistake law firms make with their legal marketing campaign is that they use emails to the exclusion of everything else.
  • The email is seen from the point of view of the writer, not the reader. As the writer (or sender) of the email, you probably think the content is pretty good and pretty important. You may have taken considerable time to draft what you believe to be a persuasive email. However, how is the email going to be received by someone who got 217 other emails that day? Why would that reader take the time to open it, much less read it and follow through on a call to action?
  • Assuming all potential clients are the same. A complex attorney marketing approach will help you reach each individual client the way that client wants to be reached. For example, some people prefer email, and your follow up legal marketing campaign should include emails. Other people want a DVD they can watch at home or a newsletter they can read while waiting for a doctor. You have the ability to cater to all of these clients by refusing to rely on only one small law firm marketing approach.

It is Time to Get Your Law Firm Marketing on the Right Track

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