Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers: Measuring Your Calls

Investing valuable dollars into marketing for personal injury attorneys is wasteful if there is no system in place to accurately measure the success of each advertising technique implemented. Fortunately for law firms, call measurement is an easy-to-use and affordable solution to the problem of tracking marketing dollars. This tool allows attorneys to trace which sources are generating the most new business. This allows the law firm to better allocate its marketing resources.

How does call measurement work?
Call measurement works by using unique telephone numbers placed within the law firm marketing materials. These unique numbers are separate and distinct from the law firm’s main office number. When potential clients call to schedule an appointment using one of the unique numbers, the law firm is able to easily track which advertising source generated the call.

Today’s technology makes call measurement even more efficient. Using servers, tracking phone numbers can also tell the lawyer:
  • The name of the caller
  • The caller’s phone number
  • The address of the caller
  • Basic demographic information about the caller

What are the advantages of using call measurement?
Call measurement benefits the law firm by:
  • Managing and reducing the law firm marketing budget
  • Increasing legal market share through the use of successful advertisements
  • Maximizing return on investment
  • Determining which offers are attracting potential clients
  • Learning what made each potential client contact the law firm
  • Distinguishing effective attorney marketing campaigns from ineffective campaigns
  • Improving the overall profitability of the law firm
  • Separating calls from potential clients from those from existing clients, to easily track calls based upon leads
  • Allowing for each different legal marketing campaign to have different telephone numbers
  • Directing calls from potential clients immediately to the most appropriate law firm staff member

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