Effective Internet Marketing Strategies for Lawyers (Part A)

Every lawyer needs a website. If you don't already have one, you need to get one right away. But legal marketing is more than just buying a website and slapping on a picture and a phone number.

You want your website to get your perfect client to "raise their hand" and contact you about your legal services. It won't be able to do that unless you implement sound legal marketing strategies.

There are lots of mistakes lawyers make when creating a website that will do nothing more than chase away potential clients or fail to look any more appealing than a generic Yellow Page ad.

Marketing a legal website starts from the inside. If you aren't putting the right content on your website or designing your site to catch your reader's interest, your website will never be the great legal marketing tool that it should.

If any of the following is currently happening on your website, it's time to hire a new Web designer:


  • The top third of your home page is nothing but a picture of you, your law firm's name, and the city in which you practice. This isn't unique or bound to capture anyone's interest. This space should be devoted to capturing the interest of your perfect client. Your picture is not what they are looking for.


You only have a few seconds to catch an Internet user's attention, don't waste it!


  • All you are doing is talking about yourself. As much as you may think you are really interesting, no   one cares about what law school you went to, what associations you belong to, or how many years you've been practicing. They only care about how you are going to help them. Stop writing about yourself and start writing about the legal issues your perfect client is searching for.


  • Not adding content to your website. People do not typically search online for a lawyer. They typically search for an answer to a legal question. Your website should be filled with hundreds or even thousands of pages of clear, simple, easy-to-read Web content that talks about all of those legal questions (and fears) that people are searching for online.


This way, your website becomes the hub, or, the informational resource everyone goes to when they have a legal question. If it looks like you know what you are talking about, they will learn to trust you and then hire you.

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