Why Your Small Law Firm Marketing TV Commercial Must be Exceptional

Most of your potential clients probably watch TV, and television advertising can be a powerful way to reach clients – if it is done correctly. Your small law firm marketing dollars will be wasted and you will not reach your potential clients unless your advertisement is incredible.
Why Your TV Lawyer Marketing Must be Fabulous
Consider the obstacles you are up against. While most of your clients probably watch TV, they are likely:
  • Choosing between hundreds of channels.
  • Getting up during commercials on “live” TV.
  • Not watching commercials on recorded shows.
Accordingly, you need to know which channel to advertise on, and your ad must grab your viewer’s attention immediately before he or she can get up for a snack or hit the fast forward button on the remote.
Can Good TV Legal Marketing Be Done in a 30-Second Commercial?
It can be done, though it is important to craft your message with a full understanding of the obstacles described above and after studying the mistakes of your competitors. Once you know what not to do you can focus on creating an excellent attorney marketing commercial. To do that, consider:
  • Presenting a different message. Nobody is going to skip the trip to the fridge to hear about you or your firm. Instead, present a message about a free offer (such as a book) that is relevant to the type of client you are trying to get.
  • Including a unique telephone number and website URL that you use solely for your TV marketing. That way you can get an idea of who is calling you because they saw your TV ad.
  • Following up with anyone who makes contact with your firm because of the commercial. Perhaps you have some content you can send them in the mail or via the internet. If you stay relevant and stay in touch, you are more likely to get the phone call from a prospective client when that person is finally ready to hire a lawyer.
Want to Learn More About Small Law Firm Marketing?
Television commercials may be important to your law firm marketing plan, but they are not the only form of small law firm advertising you should consider. For more information about effective small law firm marketing techniques, please read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book and call us directly at 703.591.9829.
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