Do You Have a Law Firm Blog? You Should!

Deciding how to spend your small law firm marketing time is no easy task. There are many platforms available to get your message across to prospective clients. However, there are some that should not be overlooked and should not be considered optional. A law firm blog is one of those platforms.

3 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Maintain a Blog

If you are deciding whether a blog is an important part of your legal marketing strategy, consider that a blog:

  • Allows You to Update Your Material Quickly. Once your blog has been set up it is easy to add timely material quickly. That means that when a news story breaks or a law changes in your niche that you can update your blog followers, clients, and prospective clients very quickly.
  • Helps People Find You in Web Searches. The more quality material that you have on the internet, the higher you are likely to rank in search results. You can use your blog, or blogs, to create new, interesting, and well-written content that ranks high in Google rankings by itself, provides quality links to your main website to help that rank better, and help more of the right clients find out about you.
  • Is Relatively Easy to Create and Maintain. A blog is not a big investment. Once it is set up you can typically add a lot of content without incurring a cost other than your effort and your time. Even the attorneys who struggle with computers can write and add content with ease on most blog platforms.

Want to Learn More about Creating an Attorney Blog?

Like each part of your lawyer marketing campaign, the creation of a small law firm marketing blog should be well thought out and help you work toward a particular goal. For more information about creating small law firm blogs, we encourage you to read the FREE Great Legal Marketing articles available on our website and to call us directly at 703.591.9829.

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