Using Key Phrases In Bankruptcy Law Firm Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a hot topic in legal marketing right now, and with good reason. Potential bankruptcy clients rarely open their browsers with your URL already in hand. Instead, they turn to the search engines they trust to research nearby law firms with the experience and expertise they need.

Working with these search engines—such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing—is crucial to successful marketing. However, the algorithms they use are trade secrets, and what’s more, they’re in a state of continual development.

So how do you get your firm listed in the top results of quality prospects?

Determine the right key phrases for your firm.
You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about keywords, but effective search results aren’t made by keywords alone.

Embedding stand-alone keywords and general topics in your legal marketing metadata will help the spiders and robots indexing your website have a general sense of what that page is about. Having a general topic, however, isn’t enough for the search engine to understand why your page is relevant to a potential client’s search. Chances are your site will be buried somewhere in hundreds of pages of search results.

For example, take the word “bankruptcy.” On any of the major search engines, it will return millions of results, many of which won’t be relevant to a client’s search. 

If you search “filing for bankruptcy,” or “automatic stay,” you’ll see a similar problem: thousands of pages that offer definitions or commentary from unrelated websites. 

What you want to do is specifically target your prospective clients. There are three things to remember in developing effectively targeted key phrases:
  • Use at least one regional word
  • Vary language (lawyer, attorney; Los Angeles, LA) to account for a wide range of search strings
  • Use the language of a layperson, not a lawyer

Think of your key phrases as defining the clients you are looking for and asking for them specifically. If you are a firm in southern Maryland looking for bankruptcy clients, try key phrases like “Southern Maryland bankruptcy,” “Maryland bankruptcy lawyer,” or “Maryland Chapter 13 attorney.”
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