Blog Comments Help Engage Potential Clients And Improve Search Results

Enable comments on your lawyer blog and engage your audience.The Internet isn’t a perfect means of communication by any stretch of the imagination. We’ve all dealt with our share of “comment thread combat.”

Because of this, opening up blog comments as an aspect of your attorney internet marketing strategy might seem a little counterintuitive. Despite the drawbacks, attorney blog comments can be a great way to:

  • Draw in new readers. Nothing gets people talking and coming back for more like a good debate.
  • Engage with your client base. Part of the reason comment-thread combat exists goes back to the fact that people want their thoughts heard. In the majority of scenarios, they want honest feedback from someone who knows what they are talking about. Of course, you may come into contact with a few know-it-all pot-stirrers, but handling them in a diplomatic fashion will do a lot towards forwarding a professional image to your quality prospects.
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace. You started the blog as a way to highlight your unique style and perspective. Personally engaging with the people who comment further drives that point home.
  • Demonstrate yourself as a knowledgeable and skilled professional. Think of how impressed you’ve been when another professional speaks to you with the same level of proficiency and investment they demonstrate in their education-based marketing content. It’s really showing you walk the walk!
  • Talk in greater depth about the legal ramifications of current events. You can’t expect to reasonably cover every relevant aspect of a story in the news that relates to your practice areas. Comment threads allow your audience to do a degree of the steering—it also gives you some perspective of what people are saying about the story outside of the attorney world. 
  • Allow visitors to contribute useful content by asking questions and adding their own perspective. Some of the insights you receive from comment threads could be very useful to you, not just in thinking of the next post for your blog, but in how you think about your practice as a whole.
  • Show that you’re part of a community, not someone just “in it for the money.” Yes, you want to make a living, but there’s a reason you picked this specific way to do it.
  • Improve your site’s overall ranking in search engines. The people writing in your comment threads are contributing worthwhile content, giving you hints for better keyword phrases, and more. Your readers will love it—and so will Google.
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