The Importance of Community Presence (Part B)

Improving Your Community Presence Can Be Fun!

Don't think of community involvement as something mundane like picking up trash (although the Adopt-A-Highway program is a great idea to get your name out there). There are plenty of fun ways to improve your community presence while involving the whole gang while working in some unique legal marketing.

Community events are a great place to be seen; not only are they fun but they also show that you're interested in the things going on in your local area.
Many festivals and parades allow local businesses to sponsor a booth or float to promote their business and join in the celebration. You can pull out all the legal marketing stops here - hand out your logo giveaways, pass out copies of your newsletter, and raffle off copies of your book bundled with a gift card.

Volunteer projects can also be a great community presence idea that not only improves your reputation but also gets your office together for something besides legal work.
You can help improve your community while having fun with your office staff and families, all while your community presence increases and you're interacting with potential clients and local agencies that may recommend your legal services to their friends.

Charity Events Are Great For Community Presence

Some of the best public relations ventures revolve around charity.
There are tons of events out there, from walks for the cure to charity auctions, all going to benefit a multitude of good causes. We've all got our favorite causes, whether it's animals, the environment, or health concerns, and you can extend your community presence by supporting a great cause that you personally identify with.

You may live in an area with a big push for natural conservation, especially if you have a lot of endangered species or state/national parks nearby. If you're in an eco-friendly community, grab that idea and run with it. Use that information to tailor your legal marketing to support that cause. Printing your newsletter on recycled paper, or taking efforts to reduce energy use in your office and releasing a press release about your eco-efforts are great legal marketing strategies.

If you're more into the pre-organized events and causes, there are a lot of opportunities to choose from. Get the office out to the next 5k walk for the cure, or set up a donation drive for disaster relief. If you're making a large charitable donation, don't be afraid to let your local area know about it!

Soon your law firm will be as well known for your involvement in your local community as you are for your excellent legal work.
When you can combine a positive community presence with your legal marketing, everyone wins.

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