Recharge Your Legal Marketing Batteries (Part A)

One thing I always take away from every Great Legal Marketing SuperConference is a renewed drive to get out there and improve my legal marketing programs. Just being surrounded by all those successful, energetic entrepreneurs and budding law firms recharges my batteries.

I've said before that you're influenced by the company you keep, and by hanging around other successful people. In doing so, it inspires you to pay attention to their actions and grow to catch up to them. Being around successful, motivated people inspires you to improve and share in that success.

Energy Fosters More Energy

Have you ever known someone who's always positive and upbeat, so much that it's hard to be in a bad mood when you're around them? This is exactly the thing that can pull you out of a legal marketing slump. When you're tired of lawyer advertising and running low on creativity, catch up with someone who's still running on a full tank of inspiration.

You'll find that the people with the good ideas and the drive to get things done have infectious personalities - you can't help but be inspired to be as motivated as they are. When you see another successful entrepreneur working on their legal marketing and putting out great lawyer advertising, you'll find yourself wanting to reap the benefits of a good marketing system, too.

Find the Places that Inspire You

Everyone has their special little haven where they can close off the world and just work alone. For some of us, it's our office, others find libraries as the best venue to really crunch on your files, and some can find solace in their own house. Wherever your ideal workspace is, you may find it necessary to seclude yourself in that place to achieve some real focus.

I find libraries to be particularly useful for my own purposes; there's a university between my house and office where I go a day each week to study. It may be case work, or it may be legal marketing, but whatever it is, I find that the library is a great place to really knuckle down and get things done.

If I try pulling some serious crunch time at the office, I find I'm spending longer hours there and getting less done. This is what results in late office nights that leave you exhausted and frustrated, pulling you down into that de-motivational slump. If you find yourself running into this energy-zapping scenario, find a new location to do your important work.

There's more to recharging your lawyer advertising batteries, including the importance of conferences and mastermind groups. Keep reading for my tips on finding new sources of inspiration.

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