Don’t Be a Slave to Your Email (Part A)

I'd like you to try an experiment: wake up tomorrow and record how many times you check your email. You may want to go one step further and time how long you spend in each email checking session. This is your first step in time management for lawyers - specifically stopping your email addiction.

Addiction? Yes, we are addicted to our email. We wake up and check it first thing, then we check it again at work, and again multiple times during the day. We get our email on our phones now, so you're never too far from your inbox. If you want to run a successful law firm you need to employ some serious time management in your daily routine to break you of your email habit. 

Why Email Addiction is Bad for your Successful Law Firm

If you took my experiment challenge, take a look at the time you spent that day on email. Now figure that time, multiplied by 5, and subtracted from your average 40-hour work week. You're wasting that much time out of every week of your life trying to keep your inbox clear. If you use a billable hour model, that's time out of your own bank account.

These are hours you could be spending on better things, like enjoying your life. Your email will stay in your inbox; it's not going anywhere. The time you spend checking and rechecking your email could be spent doing things to improve your successful law firm.

Using Time Management to Break the Email Habit

You probably can't go cold turkey for your email addiction, as it's becoming more and more of a mainstay for successful law firm functionality. What you can do is manage the time spent on email more wisely. Start by setting a specific time to check email and make that the only time you do so.

Adhering to a set schedule for email checks will show your brain that yes, your email CAN wait. If it's completely urgent, they should be calling your office instead of relying on email. Time management strategies like scheduling hinge completely on you adhering to them strictly, so don't even let an ‘emergency email' break you from the new routine.

Keep reading for more tips on how a successful law firm works these time management procedures into the whole office operation, and how you can continue to work without being a slave to your email.

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