Niche Your Legal Marketing for Money (Part B)

In Your Niche, You Set Your Prices

Back in the days of one-horse towns, you didn't have to worry about shopping around for the best prices because there usually weren't any. One general store meant one price and you either bought the item or you didn't. This is still true today with specialty shops. If you offer a product no one else does, there's no one but you who can dictate the price of that product.

With niche legal marketing you don't have to be like all the generic lawyers who offer free consultations; you can charge that fee. Why? When your client knows you're exactly what they need, they'll be willing to pay. Contrary to popular belief, the serious clients you want to deal with in your firm are willing to pay for convenience. Not having to sift through hundreds of diamond-in-the-rough lawyer advertising pieces just to find you-the polished stone-is worth their while.

Another benefit to allowing yourself to charge for that consultation fee is that usually when a consumer sees that something costs extra, they figure it has to be quality. Who would pay more money for something that isn't better than the cheaper/free alternatives?

Create a Pseudo-Monopoly

Niche legal marketing is almost like having a monopoly on your niche. Your lawyer advertising establishes you as "the _____ lawyer" - the only one of your kind in your area. Because you are unique and no other lawyer specializes like you do, or offers the personality and services you tout, then you can be the leader when it comes to setting the bar on fees.

This isn't to say you should inflate your prices so high that they're unreasonable. While clients are willing to pay for quality, especially when you're exactly what they need, they do have a threshold.

Niche Legal Marketing Makes You the Expert

There's no way to go wrong with niche legal marketing when you're the only player in the game. That means you can establish the baseline for how things go in your niche, and there's no right or wrong when it comes to lawyer advertising. You can explore new ideas, try new venues, and be a pioneer in your field.

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