Measuring the Return on Investment for Your Lawyer Advertising Ideas

Devoting time and money to law firm advertising is futile if there is not an efficient strategy in place for tracking return on investment. The overall success and profitability of the firm depends upon the efficient allocation of funds. By regularly measuring which attorney marketing dollars result in the most potential new clients, the lawyer is able to effectively budget for the firm. The following is an overview of how tracking return on investment works.

Return-on-investment (ROI) systems measure the responses generated from each different form of legal advertising utilized by a law firm. They also identify strengths and weaknesses of each particular strategy. Going one step further, return-on-investment tracking tools also calculate which calls from potential clients result in actual new business for the law firm.

Additional ways that a return-on-investment tracking system can benefit a legal marketing campaign include:

  • The system shows attorneys which law firm marketing strategies are effective and which should be eliminated.
  • It allows law firms to invest marketing dollars armed with knowledge rather than blindly allocating valuable resources.
  • It provides the opportunity to improve weak legal marketing tools.
  • The system measures the conversion rate from calls generated by existing attorney advertising methods.
  • It identifies problem areas, such as phone calls coming in after hours without a convenient method for leaving a message.
  • The system pinpoints the peak times for calls from potential clients.
  • It can be evaluated daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Ignoring the importance of regular tracking and investing in advertising blindly is a mistake that could cost a law firm thousands of dollars each year. Today’s technology offers easy and affordable tools for any law firm to measure the success of its marketing strategies. Failing to take advantage of these tools could result in needless waste of law firm resources.

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