Top 6 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Law Firm Marketing Video

Law firm marketing videos are an excellent tool for connecting with potential clients on a personal level. Unfortunately, many attorneys fail to utilize the proper techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of the videos. As a result, the attorney videos do nothing to inspire potential clients to contact the law firm for more information. The following is a list of the top mistakes made by attorneys in their legal marketing videos:


  1. Talking too much about themselves, including where they got their degrees, why they went to law school, and the number of years they have been practicing

  2. Wearing dated clothing that is distracting to the viewers and presents an unprofessional image

  3. Failing to answer the questions that the client came to the website seeking answers for

  4. Using boring, unoriginal clichés that are also used by thousands of other lawyers, such as talking about how much the firm "cares about the client" and how "success is important"

  5. Failing to update the videos with creative content on a frequent and regular basis


While the above mistakes are important to avoid in law firm web videos, the single biggest mistake that attorneys make is failing to have a video at all. Attorney marketing videos are an opportunity to earn the trust and respect of potential clients. By offering creative and educational content that focuses on the issues that are of interest to viewers, potential clients will be encouraged to contact the law firm for more information. If the attorney does not have a video, however, this opportunity is missed entirely.


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