The Better You Educate Your Customers, the Better You Attract Worthwhile Clients

If you’ve read our articles about education-based marketing, you now have a good handle on what exactly education-based marketing is and why it is an especially good idea for lawyers and law firms to utilize it. But you might be wondering what exactly you should do to integrate education-based marketing into your marketing plan—both online and offline.

Here are just five ideas to get you started:Education based marketing for attorneys.

  • Offer a free book or guide. We’ve talked about this a lot—and there’s a reason for it. Offering free books, pamphlets, and guides are perhaps the best way to utilize education-based marketing for attorneys.
  • Create a library of helpful articles. The article you are reading right now is in our index of helpful library articles—how did you get here, what are you learning about marketing, and what is your next plan of action? Many people want to learn about the topic that they are interested in before “buying” it, especially if it is something as important as legal services.
  • Add a frequently asked questions section. Whenever a person gets on the Internet and types something into a search engine, he has a question and is looking for an answer. By having a good, thorough list of frequently asked questions and answers on your website, you are predicting exactly what information web surfers are looking for.
  • Give local talks or seminars. There are probably lots of good local opportunities to educate the public about what you do and why it’s important—from talking at a local school to getting involved in adult education. Any talks you give will help establish you as a presence in your community, too.
  • Create a glossary of legal terms. If you haven’t graduated from law school, legal terms can be extremely confusing and intimidating—and in many cases, potential clients will be looking terms up online. Help them better understand by posting an index of common legal terms for your niche.
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