Need a Reason to Start Automating Your Marketing Efforts? Here Are Five

If an attorney could get one wish granted, we’re pretty sure we know what most would ask for... more time. Balancing cases with family life can be extremely difficult, and when you throw putting effort into actually marketing your services, you start to wonder where sleep will fit in.Time management for attorneys

One of our best pieces of advice for attorneys looking for more time and balance in their lives is to give yourself a break when it comes to follow-up with contacts. Taking the time to respond personally is wonderful, but it simply isn’t as practical or as effective. Let’s take a closer look at the biggest benefits of automating this part of your attorney marketing efforts:

  • Take a time-consuming task off your plate. As we’ve discussed, follow-up marketing can be a huge time suck—and it’s time that is often taken away from your current clients and your personal life. Automated marketing give you more time, and it does the same task as effectively.
  • Make certain no one is falling through the cracks. Humans are fallible, but machines are pretty darn good at getting things right—as long as you choose an effective and reliable automation software platform. If you do your own follow-up marketing, you might lose track of someone, be tardy in responding, or make any number of mistakes.
  • More easily measure your marketing efforts. When your follow-up marketing is automated, it is also much easier to track data related to your follow-up campaigns. Want to know who responds to which emails, or when you lose the most potential calls? The facts are all in front of you if you are sending out identical pieces of communication at identical times.
  • Keep in touch with past and potential clients. Automated marketing isn’t just great for follow-up campaigns, and it can also be used to keep in contact with those people you’ve helped in the past. Again, you can simply remove yourself from the process and let your marketing software take over.
  • Discover the optimal “touch” for conversion. Analyzing your automated marketing information can help you perfect your follow-up campaigns. Are you reaching out too often or not often enough? Is one type of response more effective? Find out.
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