Optimizing Your Legal Marketing: The Ins and Outs of Keyword Placement

Many attorneys know how to build links and insert keywords into their website content. However, it’s a lot rarer to know how to do this effectively—and the difference could be the reason your site is never on the first (or first ten) Google search result pages.How to use keywords effectively in attorney marketing.

There are five things you must do to use your legal keywords effectively:

  1. Get specific. Ask yourself what key information you want to deliver with every page, and choose your key phrase for that page appropriately. Your phrases should contain at least three specific descriptors (“Texas injury attorney”) to be ranked highly. Mix and match keywords so that you don’t seem too repetitive.
  2. Hit every page. Each page of your website, including bios, articles, blogs and news items, should be uniquely optimized for a different set of keywords. Even your video pages should be optimized, as search engine robots will evaluate the text in your video summary.
  3. Average two key phrases per 250 words. While the “golden ratio” of keyword placement is always changing. Experts agree that using too many keywords per page will get your site panned by both readers and robots. Two or three links per blog or article is a good average (home pages and practice area pages can have more, as they will likely be longer).
  4. Don’t forget headlines and subheadings. Too many attorneys make the mistake of wasting their headline text. Google pays special attention to bolded text, larger text, and linked text (headlines may have one or all of these attributes), so it is crucial that you optimize both the title and subtitle of each page.
  5. Re-work and rewrite. You may not have to throw out all the content from your existing site, but be careful when adding key phrases to your old pages. If a phrase works well within a page, use it; if the text seems clunky or forced, always rewrite the content (or create new content) to match the keywords.
Ben Glass
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