Focus: The Key to Success in Your Legal Marketing Campaign

Effective legal marketing requires the ability to focus on the aspects of a marketing campaign that bring the most success. Following what every other legal professional is doing, such as yellow page advertisements, networking groups, and paid legal directory listings, will do nothing to set a law firm apart in a crowded legal market. Successful attorneys understand the importance of utilizing a lawyer marketing plan that steers away from traditional forms of legal advertising and instead focuses on the legal marketing of the future.
By focusing on these five aspects of an attorney marketing strategy, a law firm can achieve improved levels of success:
  1. Focus on the internet. It is certainly no secret that the internet is the phone book of the future. In the past, lawyers have advertised their services with traditional yellow page print ads. Today’s client, however, rarely searches the phone book looking for an attorney. Instead, a potential client conducts web searches for attorneys in their area specializing in the field of law in which they need assistance.
  2. Focus on the questions that your target audience is asking themselves when they come across your website. Many lawyers make the mistake of believing that an attorney advertisement should talk about the attorney and his or her background. This is a mistake, because most potential clients do not conduct an internet search looking for information about where particular lawyers went to law school or how many years they have been practicing. Instead, they are looking for educational information about their particular legal need. By addressing those questions, the lawyer earns the trust and respect of a potential client.
  3. Focus on your legal niche. First and foremost, a law firm must offer its clients superior service. By focusing on a legal niche instead of accepting every case that presents itself, the attorney is able to become a more effective and efficient practitioner. Over time, this focus can earn the lawyer a reputation as being an expert in his or her field.
  4. Focus on the 20% of your clients who bring in the most money and cause the least amount of unwanted stress. Every lawyer has a particular type of case and group of clients that he or she enjoys servicing the most. The lawyer also generally has a type of case that is the most lucrative. By focusing on these cases and clients, and removing the stressful and less financially lucrative matters, the attorney becomes more efficient.
  5. Focus on education. As discussed above, by focusing on educating potential clients, the attorney earns their trust and respect. Educating a potential client about their legal situation will lead them to seek out the help of the attorney.

Adhering to these five aspects of an attorney marketing campaign will increase the success and job satisfaction of an attorney. For more information, contact the legal marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form, or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.
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