For most of your clients, your website will be the first point of contact with your business—essentially, it is their first impression of you. If that first impression is negative, they’re unlikely to give you a second chance—especially when there are hundreds of other attorneys who are getting the basics right on the first try.

Here are the most common mistakes (and easy fixes) in online law firm marketing that make potential customers click away:What are the problems with the legal website?

  • Spelling and grammar. Just as you would never trust a barber with a bad haircut, your clients will never trust an attorney who cannot spell or use proper grammar. Your clients expect you to be smarter than they are—that’s why they need your help. Your website should not disappoint them.
  • Poor design. Migraine-inducing colors and space-hogging fonts are a website’s worst enemy. If a designer tells you that bright colors and dancing text effects will attract customers, fire him. Clean lines may be boring, but they emphasize readability, letting your customer know you depend on the content and not the colors.
  • Style choices. The goal of your website is to present your customers with easy information and a chance to speak with you. If your content is pulled directly from old briefs or case results, your customers may not be able to understand the legal terms (or mistakenly get the impression that you are too snooty to hire).
  • Broken links. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a website article that matches your specific search, only to have a blank page come up as a result. Someone on your staff (or an independent contractor) should make a regular sweep of your site to make sure all links are working properly.
  • Failure to optimize. Many attorneys will trust a content provider with all of their online business aspects, regardless whether they are fully qualified. It’s not enough to get words on a page; those words must be optimized to get the most exposure.

Even if your website shows a few signs of the above, not all is lost. Most of these transgressions are easily fixable, either by hiring a fully qualified provider, consulting an online content editor, or simply re-examining your marketing approach. Fresh eyes can make all the difference when seeking out marketing flaws, and your content just might need a different perspective.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.