Differentiate, Create, and Develop: Finding Your Law Firm’s Niche Market

If you’ve been reading our legal advertising tips for a while, you may have wondered how it’s possible to have so many different lawyers benefiting from the same marketing rules. After all, if we’re all doing the same thing, aren’t we all going to look identical to our customers?

Of course not. The only way you and your competitors are similar is that you are both offering legal services. The key to finding your ideal customers is to find, and highlight, the differences between you and other attorneys is your community.

Here are just five ways lawyers can differentiate themselves:

  1. Find your unique selling proposition. Your clients will always be asking one question: why should I choose you to do business with above all other choices (including the choice to do nothing)? Your unique selling proposition should directly answer this question.
  2. How to make your legal marketing stand out.Find the niche for your business. Attorneys often make the mistake of trying to be all things to all people. Decide which cases you want, which people are likeliest to have that problem, and market only to them.
  3. Create and sell an experience. People go to the same coffee shop day after day because they trust the quality of the brand and the feel-good experience of being there. This creates brand loyalty, something your marketing efforts should take into account.
  4. Develop your system. Every move in your marketing plan should be systems-based. There should be a consistent linear motion from creating to delivering, and it should be evaluated for flaws regularly.
  5. Do the opposite. Attorneys often remark on how all lawyer advertising looks and sound the same. Check a few of them out. All of your articles and blog posts should sound nothing like them.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.