Common Lawyer Advertising Pitfalls (Part B)

Don't Give In to Peer Pressure

Some of you may remember back in 2005 when Bextra, a popular arthritis drug, was removed from the market due to increased risk of heart attacks. Within mere hours of the FDA announcement, I was bombarded with e-mails and faxes encouraging me to "Buy Bextra Ads" because, to quote one e-mail:

"Bextra is being pulled from the market today - the time to advertise is now! I can help. There will be lots of competition for these cases - we can run ads immediately."

The legal marketing vultures didn't care to research that I wasn't a personal injury attorney who handled defective drug cases. All they wanted to do was sell ads, and I'm sure many less savvy attorneys jumped at the prospect of big class action lawsuits.

The funny thing is, this email was actually from another lawyer who was soliciting me to buy ads with him. My guess is that he wanted me to spend my lawyer advertising dollars on ads to get cases I had no experience with so I could what, maybe refer them to him?

The problem with doing what everyone else is doing is that you're just becoming a sheep. "Do what everyone else is; buy Bextra ads, your competitors are going to snatch them all up before you can!" There's your problem, everyone else is doing it, so how do you stand out from your competition? Instead of spending your legal marketing efforts trying to be like everyone else, focus on standing out from the crowd.

You Are Your Own Worst Lawyer Advertising Enemy

The work involved with getting a good legal marketing system established and running is rough stuff. Many new lawyers who are starting out in their own lawyer advertising campaigns get overwhelmed quickly, and sometimes it's very alluring to just parrot what someone else is doing rather than be an innovator and come up with a great new marketing strategy.

Avoid the temptation to just do what everyone else is, or to keep doing what you're doing with mediocre results. If you truly want to revamp your legal marketing and kick start a good lawyer advertising program, you need to step up and do it with your own brain and brawn.

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