Lawyer Advertising Gone Horribly Wrong (Part B)

Break Free From Lawyer Advertising Stereotypes

Don't give in to that urge to do a screaming, "CALL ME NOW" ad in The Yellow Pages just because everyone else is. Remember that your lawyer advertising should establish you from the norm. Use your advertising to create your niche and stick out among the sea of other personal injury/business law/tax attorney/whatever specialty lawyers.

The more lawyers that say NO to traditional legal marketing, the less we should see of those gaudy "INJURED? CALL 1-800-LAWYERNUMBER NOW" billboards and crazy screaming TV commercials. One of the best ways to stop a stereotype is to prove it wrong. The only way we as a profession will break free of the "sleazy lawyer" or "shark lawyer" stereotypes is to STOP perpetuating them with bad lawyer advertising.

Bad Lawyer Advertising: Why We Do It

Sadly, the biggest reason that lawyers resort to the uglier forms of lawyer advertising is because they're too lazy and unmotivated to really put the effort into their legal marketing strategies.
It's way too easy to slap some bold, screaming text on a picture of themselves and call it a day. They'd much rather let someone unfamiliar with legal marketing design them print and TV ads, instead of taking the time to write their own newsletter or create a video blog.

Good legal marketing takes time and effort,
I'll be the first to admit that. When I first started changing the way I looked at my lawyer advertising and realized that fixing things was going to take all this work, the old ugly lawyer advertising looked way easier. It's true, but those lawyers that work through the daunting task of redesigning their legal marketing have all said it pays off in the end.

We sometimes have to struggle through the murky waters before we're swimming in a clear sea of great clients, less office hours, and more free time. At Great Legal Marketing, we focus on saying NO to ineffective traditional lawyer marketing. We seek out new strategies to market to our ideal clients in ways they'll actually respond to. So how do you get started? Get a FREE report and CD from legal marketing guru, Ben Glass.

Ben Glass will teach you how to: stop marketing like every other lawyer on the block; grow the kind of practice you can be proud of; and still get home in time for dinner. Contact us today - (703) 591-9829.

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