A Good Lawyer Marketing Campaign is Diverse, Consistent, and Focused

One of the most self-defeating things a lawyer can do is try to be all things to all clients, not only in his actual practice but in his marketing and advertising campaigns. The fact is that, if you neglect to differentiate your practice and take on pretty much any client who walks through your door, you will not have a firm foundation on which to build your business and get the word out to the public at large. That's why your marketing campaign needs to be focused, consistent, and diverse!

What Are the Three Steps to Effective Lawyer Marketing?

How can you differentiate yourself from other lawyers and grow your practice? Here are the three basic principles you need to follow:

  • Focus. Rather than broadcasting a one-size-fits-all message to every potential client in your area, you should imagine the “ideal” client and what he will be looking for in a lawyer. Instead of, say, “my ideal client suffered a personal injury,” it should be something more along the lines of “my ideal client is retired, on Social Security, and is in need of in-home medical care.”
  • Consistency. Once you have decided on your target market, you need to pursue that market on a regular basis—not once a month, or whenever you have some time to spare, but every day of every week. If you market your law practice for brief spurts, then allow things to lie fallow for months, you'll be right back at square one when you start promoting yourself again.The keys to success in your lawyer marketing.
  • Diversity. What this refers to is the need to market your practice using various media. You can't just rely on your website (no matter how good it is) or a local TV advertising campaign on basic cable. You need to be constantly thinking about new ways to promote yourself and your practice, not resting on your laurels and assuming that the Yellow Pages will continue to be your main source of new client.
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